Do you believe in evolutionism ?

- Yes no bro, I don’t believe in evolution! Do you?

- No brother I don’t. So much of gossip!

- Thank you . I am happy to know. But remember one thing, no scientist or science student will shake you with a knife just because you don’t believe in evolutionism. But when someone asks questions about religion, why do you go to kill him? Is the belief of Muslims so fraud that it has to be established by force?

  • Yeah I mean !

- Let it be, I don’t have to say anything else Aren’t you interested to know why I don’t believe in evolutionism despite being involved in progressive movement!

  • YES ! Yes! Yes say it !

- I don’t believe in evolutionism because you don’t have to believe things that are proven and true. Do we ever tell someone, do you believe in moon sun?

  • NO ! Don’t tell!
  • Why don’t you tell? Because the moon proves the existence of the sun. So it’s not called to be trusted. Because it exists! Evolutionism is just like that. Remember, evolution is not a doctrine, it is science. Opposition party tried to lose weight by adding the word out to this. Yet evolution is happening in the animal world and will continue to happen!



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