In the eyes of the child, the father is the closest world to him

In the eyes of the child, the father is the closest world. In that childhood, the father’s finger started walking, the companion of youth mischief, the provider of courage in youth and the role of a responsible man in family life. It is through the eyes of an ideal father that his child learns to see the light and darkness of the world, the transitory wanderings of happiness and sorrow in human life, it is through the brain of an ideal father that his child learns to feel that every human being in the world has the right to live with equal rights.

Similarly, because of an ideal father, the child learns to hear the contented smiles of the honest and true people around him, on the other hand, the cries of dishonesty and lies. It is through the body of the father that a child learns to feel how much labor and how much sweat is required to survive in this world. A father is not only the bearer of his own dreams, he has to nurture every dream of the family with utmost compassion and care. Another name of faith for a child is a father, holding whose hand one can step on all the inaccessible paths of the world with great confidence. For every child, their father is the most daring person who can take away their every wish. A father is like a mirror to a child, reflecting his ideals, conscience and love. Fathers make hundreds of efforts in their lives to realize the colorful dream world that father paints in the eyes of a child since childhood. The smile of contentment and happiness by embracing the dream of a child by floating all one’s taste and happiness on the raft of abandonment, is only suitable for fathers. He is a fearless soldier in the struggle of life, humiliation-deprivation or mistreatment often happens in the cycle of life, but only fathers can forget everything and hug their children with a smile at the end of the day.

A father wraps his child in the fabric of ideals and rules, even if a child has a momentary feeling of displeasure, in the long journey of life, at some point, he realizes how much love was mixed with that discipline. I presented a real life story in an attempt to draw the depth of love and friendship between father and son. A small and happy family in the village, there are only three members in the family, parents and only son. Father was a banker of a government bank, he retired some time ago. Being an only child, father and son did not share their love for each other. At times, it seemed that the friendship of this father and son was created under the patronage of nature itself. Seeing that, a kind of jealousy also worked in many people. Because people’s greed for love and friendship is infinite. From the boy’s childhood, the father never called him by his name, the father also called the son as father, the father’s discipline towards the son, there was no loud voice or eye color. Like every time, this time too, the boy left for his work place with his motorcycle early in the morning. As usual, the whole family has come forward along the village path to say goodbye to him, it is very difficult for the boy to say goodbye to the smiling faces, still there is nothing to do, the life of our fathers bound in the cycle of life, there is very little space for emotions. Shortly after the boy left, a call came from the police saying that he had been taken to the hospital after being seriously injured in a motorcycle accident, where he died. The boy’s father still doesn’t know about this cruel situation, a shadow of grief comes over the whole village, none of the villagers can reach the news to his father, it’s not just the death of a son, but the death of a hundred thousand dreams held by a father, except the son to the father. Life today is just living in a colorless world, father is not physically dead but his heart is dead today. How many festivals, how many Eids pass, the boy does not return home, maybe his father’s call is not heard for many days, now he tries to find his lost son in his grandson, because the love of fathers is immortal.



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