Story Of My Life

Now my life is like this tree which has no friend within 40000 km. There are only masked friends.

I passed Intermediate when I was fifteen. Father was a school teacher. We were ten brothers and sisters, my father used to run such a big family, I was the youngest in the family. There was no one to help my father because everyone was reading and writing. I decided from then that I would do something besides my studies. I got a job in a small kindergarten school. Father then retired from work. Now the way? I then collected some tuition, father got some pension money and married the sisters with it. Father is now null. And I didn’t study. I went down the road to help my father. At the end of the month, my father used to look at me when I would get my salary. When I got paid $30 at the end of the month, I put everything together and handed an envelope to my father. Father quickly used that money to buy beautiful clothes in the bazaar and came home with all the bazaars he wanted. It was a joy at the cottage that at least I could save the smile on my father’s face. He used to call his mother and hand over the market basket and say that he will cook today for a little fun. Did not eat rice with fish hanging for many days.

Read what I am writing for some time and see very rare stories in my life.

All my other brothers are unemployed. Only I was earning then. Suddenly the father fell ill and was admitted to the hospital. I did not get any help then. I took 3 months salary in advance from tuition and school and brought my father home after treatment. Father wanted to eat a lot of things, but could not eat many things because he could not afford it. One morning when I was leaving to go to school, my father called me from behind and said, “Do you have any money?” Can you take some medicine for me when I come in the afternoon? I think I will not live anymore. I then said in one sentence, father, I have taken some months advance money, I don’t know if they will give any money. Dad is looking at it with a different mind. Let me go out, after going some distance, I saw my bike. My father had given me the bicycle, I had to go for tuition far away, about 20 km from home.

I changed my mind, I took the bicycle and sold it in the market, I got 10 dollars and I lied to my father, father, I have borrowed some more money from the school, you can go to the market and buy whatever you want, and yes you like and will take medicine for you. I went to school now. In the evening I came to see many people at home, I went and saw that my father was no longer alive, the time was July 2015.

Alas father!!!!

My Father

How smiling people were, how colorful people were my father!

One of my father’s problems was that he could not marry the youngest daughter of my sisters due to lack of ability. Most of my brothers then left the house and went outside with their respective wives. My unmarried sister and mother were crying at home. I was the only hope of mother.

My Mother

I married my sister with the blessing of my parents after borrowing a lot of money, no brother or sister helped me. Today that sister owns a lot of money, but now she doesn’t know me anymore, her husband is a banker, she herself is a government employee. He hangs up every time he calls from my number.

It’s been 5 years since I got married without any ceremony for that sister’s wedding. I ended up sacrificing my own happiness for the happiness of my brothers and sisters. Today I am only 35 years old. I had 2 heart attacks at this age due to excessive pressure. Mother is still alive, maybe because of her prayers I am alive, and because of my 3-year-old daughter, maybe Allah kept me alive.

I worked in the Rohingya camp. Suddenly my project was stopped during the Corona period and today I am unemployed for many days. I can’t feed my daughter properly. When I call a brother and sister they say they can’t help, they are in need, but I know they are in a good position. Let, what was on the forehead, or what is there will be. Today I am very sick. I spend the day lying down and writing like this. Today I can pay the rent in the house without any food because I pledged the place of the house for my sister’s wedding. It’s been five months now, I haven’t been able to pay the house rent, I don’t know when the landlord will evict me from the house.

How many people are doing so many things at my age, but today I am mentally crippled. If I can help you with any online work, my life will be saved in exchange of some money. Indeed, today I have raised my hands in your court. No matter where you see my writing from anywhere in the world, please help me a little. As a human being, I demand this from you. And if possible, if anyone you know has made any kind of donation, please send this article to them, this is my request. The doctor is telling me to put a ring on my heart. I can’t take the medicine properly, how can I do the surgery again?

Don’t think of my writing as a joke. I wrote this about my real life. I raise my hands and beg you for my life. I really want to live. There is no other person on earth who is as helpless as me.

If anyone can, if my writing comes in front of your eyes, don’t avoid it. It is not my request to spend some of your valuable time on this article, it is my right to you as a human being. After reading the text, if you want to talk to me, I am giving you my personal mobile number, you will not receive your WhatsApp on these numbers and My Blog also

Stay well everyone.




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