Will I ever see the fall afternoon?

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The last piece of the day might end rapidly! Harvest time evening might say something similar! Furthermore, this shade of the last piece of the day is dusk! I was perched on the rooftop watching the dim orange sunset. It appears to be that Suryai’s uncle has become old, I’m checking out at him with detachment. There is no light in the eyes. I took a gander at her excellence for some time. What do you know! Perhaps this constantly nightfall is truly lovely nature. For an unfeeling individual like me, finding it is a troublesome errand. Subsequent to searching for some time, I turned my eyes and zeroed in on the birds who were in the middle of getting back.

Traveling to your objective! What rules are attached to them! Getting up promptly in the first part of the day, going out looking for food, completing all the day’s worth of effort before early afternoon and getting back. Perhaps truly gorgeous. Sooner or later, I took a gander at Suryai uncle and saw that he had gone far away in no time flat! This is all there is to it! Some time prior, the dead ringer was on the highest point of the tree, and presently it has gone down. I needed to ask Surya what are you in a rush! Or then again you are fed up with standing day in and day out! Step by step the sun vanished behind the large trees. He might not have suffocated. He attempted to keep the day splendid with his last strength. It appears to be that the sky has contacted the ground! Somebody has poured orange paint there. The poor tired sun was at long last compelled to vanish in obscurity! The night poured its greatness over the whole city. Then metropolitan neon and sodium lights! Nonetheless, the night couldn’t be crushed by the radiance of different tones. . . . . . . . . . . .

Humanitarian Appeal

When I was going to get some water when I suddenly felt dizzy. I have been suffering from heart disease for a long time. Today I am lying in the hospital. Since yesterday afternoon. I appeal to many of you for humanitarian aid. I did what you can give me a little helping hand. My heart must ring. To do that I will need about $6000 or more something which is very difficult for me or my family to raise.

I am very helpless and have come to you to beg for my life. If you can’t do anything at all, at least help me with some medicine. And if you have any friends and relatives who will help financially and consider humanitarian aspects, please send this news to them. This is the humble request of a dying man from Bangladesh.

I am very sick. Keep me in everyone’s prayers. I am really very helpless today. If any kind hearted person will help me a little I will pray as long as my soul lives. I need almost $6000 to do my surgery. If anyone can, if my writing comes in front of your eyes, don’t avoid it please. It is not my request to spend some of your valuable time on this article, it is my right to you as a human being.

Here is bank account details if you anyone interested please donate me or give me an online job so I can continue my treatment. Please help me anyone.

Bank name: AB Bank Limited ,Chittagong, Bangladesh, account name: Savings Account ( Rahat Uddin Jewel) Account number: 4110–247393–300 Swift: ABBLBDDH 110 Routing number: 020151489

Sadhin Master Card: Bank Asia. 54 11 73 01 00 03 11 72 Card holder name: Kamrul Ahsan Sayem Country: Bangladesh



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